Chest Phone Holder for Running

Say goodbye to heavy fitness belts and unsightly armbands. With a Freetrain running chest phone holder, you enjoy an unimpeded fitness experience every time.

Suitable for 99% of phone sizes, this revolutionary running chest mount holds your phone, house key, and even running gels securely to your chest. What’s more, four central headphone ports tuck wires neatly out of view – which means no more tugged headphone buds.

Another benefit of using Freetrain’s running chest phone holder is that all your essentials are within easy reach, ready for you to handle whenever you need them. Want to check in with your fitness app to track performance? Just flip open the hinge on your running chest mount to effortlessly view your phone’s display. Missed a call from a colleague? Give them a call back without breaking your stride.

Ideal for use during any fitness activity, our lightweight chest phone holders are best loved for their snug fit and ergonomic design. Designed for use during rigorous sprints, mini-marathons and everything in-between, you’ll love how effortless your Freetrain chest phone holder feels. In fact, you’ll barely notice it’s there.