Gym Phone Holders

Tired of holding your phone while you navigate heavy gym equipment? Want a more secure gym phone holder for everyday sessions? With Freetrain’s ergonomic chest phone holders, you enjoy a new piece of practical gym equipment – which won’t break the bank.

Our Freetrain gym phone vest conveniently straps your essentials to your chest. So, whether you’re lifting weights, squatting up a storm or taking part in your own home workout, you get to work up a sweat without worrying about your possessions.

From your phone and keys to rejuvenating gels, everything you need fits snugly and safely into this gym phone holder for workouts. Plus, if you get a notification or aren’t quite feeling your current music playlist, it’s easy to access your device. Just flip open the phone compartment of our gym phone holder; there’s no need to break your stride and no interruption to your training.

All our Freetrain gym phone holders for training are designed specifically to enhance your workout. Instead of awkward armbands obstructing your bicep curls, our gym phone holders keep all your essentials out of the way and perfectly balanced.

And don’t worry about sweating through our gym phone holder for workouts. Freetrain’s high performance, breathable materials help you to regulate your body temperature and maximise your exercise – even when faced with the most challenging interval training.