iPhone Holder for Running

Keep your iPhone secure during your next training session with our revolutionary iPhone holders for running.

Built to embrace the bounce, Freetrain’s iPhone running vests look smart and feel effortless. With their stylish design, our running iPhone holders match your pace exactly, so you’ll forget they’re there – ideal for an uninterrupted time of pounding the pavement.

Striking the balance perfectly between snug and spacious, our stretchy iPhone running vests mould to your chest, while the phone compartment is big enough for 99% of phones.

Slot in running gels, snacks and anything else you need for your training. As for your house key, there is a special zipped pocket for that (no more mid-run pat-down panics for you). Just shut off, plug in and enjoy an unimpeded run outside.

As well as providing a snug fit for your phone, our lightweight iPhone holders for running are designed in a training trifecta of breathable, water-resistant, reflective materials. This means your phone stays in great condition, whatever the weather, while sweat and downpours are wicked away before they become a problem.

Cleaning your running iPhone holder couldn’t be easier, either – in fact, they’re just like any other piece of training fabric. Either handwash or put through a 30°C cycle or lower for a fresh Freetrain iPhone holder for running.