Phone Holders for Running

Fed up of your phone bouncing around during a vigorous run? Concerned with its safety as you hold it in your hand? You should check out Freetrain’s state-of-the-art phone holders for running.

Designed to hold 99% of phones currently on the market, our running phone holders will keep your device securely strapped to your chest. Simply slip your phone into its compartment and you’re ready to hit the tarmac. There is even hidden storage space for your other running essentials, such as house keys and energy gels – keeping your pockets clear of clutter.

But that’s not all. As well as keeping your device safe, our phone holders for running also allow you to quickly access your phone, without interrupting your workout. Just unbutton the compartment and your phone will flip out on a hinge (still securely attached to your chest), ready for you to use. Perfect for answering phone calls and checking your exercise apps.

What’s more, Freetrain’s running phone holders are suitable for all conditions, at any time of day. For instance, the water-resistant material will keep your phone protected against rain, sleet and snow, while the reflective print grants high visibility for those dark evening and early morning runs.

And the best part? Our phone holders for running are lightweight and balanced, specifically designed maximise your training performance.