What Is The Freetrain V1?

"Firstly, it's far better than any armband or bum belt you've ever seen!"
The V1 is a unisex training vest, designed to take your essentials with you whilst you train.

What does it do?

The V1's main feature is the centrally located phone case, equipped with a hinge so that you can easily access your device & put it back with minimal effort or interference.  There's also a few clever compartments for your keys & smaller items such as cash, cards or gel packs along with a stuff pocket for excess headphone wires. Not forgetting the reflective print on the front & back in order for you to be seen at night.

How does it feel?

We use high quality intelligent material that is designed to stretch generously whilst providing a compact fit to provide a streamlined experience. It may feel a little alien to begin with, but the V1’s intelligent materials will soon mould to your shape. The perforated torso allows excess heat to escape the body & the performance grade elastic waistband is designed to keep everything secure & in place.

Will my phone fit?

Yes! We can confidently say that the pouch will fit 99% of modern phones, however if you think you may have an obscure model, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at